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eConcierge for your Printers

by Xerox

Most printers come with a limited warranty.


Ours lasts a lifetime—complete with maintenance and repair of your printers, and automatic supply monitoring and ordering.


Best of all? There’s no contract.


Simply sign up and download the Supplies Assistant app to your desktop and let Xerox eConcierge take it from there.

Lifetime Warranty

eConcierge provides a free service reward for eligible Xerox printers. That’s right, Xerox will provide free lifetime service coverage for each eligible Xerox printer and multifunction printer

Automatic Monitoring

The eConcierge Supplies Assistant automatically discovers the printers on your network. When a printer is running low on ink or toner, an alert reminds you to review and approve your pre-populated supplies options.

Instant Identification

eConcierge automatically identifies each printer model and its associated supplies. You’ll never have to search out printer model numbers or sift through confusing supplies part numbering systems again.

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