Business Solutions - Computerist Inc
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Business Solutions

Quite simply...we solve problems

How we work

Trust, proactive followup and quality of service are our differentiators. We are a customer satisfaction focused partner from understanding your needs to providing best service that helps your business run right. Our methodology is quite simple and effective:

Assess your current situation

Identify gaps and needs

Develop proof of concept and implementation

Obtain buyin to proceed

Directing implementation

Monitor and assess

Perform periodic review and communicate

Backup your data

Whats your plan to protect company data on mobile devices? We’ve got a couple of ways to help you

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How much printing really costs

The answer may surprise you.  Its much more than the cost of the device.  We can show you cost savings.

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Lets hop on a conference call

Connect with your teams from anywhere on your mobile. Or, transform your huddle rooms with interactive video conferencing.  We’ve got a few solutions for that.

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Getting the most from tech investments

People process and technology together solve problems.  We look at your processes and work on aligning processes and technology spend.  Lets talk a bit more

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