Business Continuity - Computerist Inc
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Business Continuity

Backup and protect data across all devices

Employees create and access content in multiple ways; laptops in the offices, tablets and smartphones while on the go.


Rapid proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise has led to alarming risk levels of breach and data loss.  That’s concerning to your business.  Above all, it also raises costs of backups and data governance.


Computerist has solutions to address data protection without sacrificing end user experience.


If you’re looking for a solution to protect business continuity while backing up your data, Computerist has your answers

Heres what we do:

  • Scope out your mobility data management requirements
  • Review data security policies and procedures
  • Map out backup needs by device class and platform
  • Conduct Proof of concept of solutions
  • Develop implementation plan and execute
  • Schedule periodic review and checkup

Here are your benefits:

  • Full control over device backups on desktops, servers, mobile devices
  • Full remote control of data backup and data wipes
  • Maximal data loss prevention for mobile devices
  • Centralized administration for all aspects of backup
  • Comprehensive  logging provides visibility into who is accessing corporate data, which devices they are using, and where they are located.